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Bank on the Banquette

This month, we’re putting the focus on our Banquette range. It’s been a little bit of a hidden gem from our catalogue – we’ve found that many of our customers hadn’t realised we offered it, or thought it had been discontinued.

However, for indoor bench-style seating you’ll find few other options which offer the same things. The Banquette is comfortable, hardwearing, and great to look at.

What’s more, as with all Mainstage products, we designed the Banquette to be easy to reposition and transport if needed.

If you’ve been thinking about a show which would suit the traditional, ‘classic’ style of audience seating, keeping everyone close together, the Banquette may be the way to go.

We also recommend combining the Banquette with any of our staging systems which can be tiered to produce a deeper audience with a clear view of any performers.

To find out how the Banquette can help you produce fantastic bank seating, why not get in touch? We’re passionate about what we do. We’d love to discuss your venue and your plans and help you design the perfect seating plan.