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Best Stages for Your School Performances

One of the main venues in need of stages, in our experience, are schools, both primary and secondary. Our stage systems are separated into different styles based on their major features, but many schools who get in touch with us aren’t sure of the difference.

While we’re always happy to hear from you, we thought you would appreciate a quick guide to which stages systems would suit you best. If, after reading this guide, you still aren’t sure, or have a special request or unusual space, then please do get in touch. We want to hear from you!

Debut – Small Platforms

The Debut stage platforms have been designed to be small, lightweight and easy to carry, making them ideal for primary schools and younger children. While Debut stages are still able to hold a significant weight, their comparatively lightweight structure will be no problem when only smaller, lighter bodies are using the stage.

Debut also comes with a number of safety features, such as the safe-grip textured top, making slips and slides less of an issue; orange tipped legs making them more visible and less of a trip hazard; reduced step heights, ideal for children; and safety rails which help keep performers secure on the stage.

With no piece weighing more than 7kg, children can easily help you set the stage up, and when not in use Debut stages are incredibly compact and easy to store.

Final Verdict: Ideal for primary schools, especially younger children

Cameo – Medium Platforms

Cameo may be our most flexible option, being sturdier and slightly more professional than Debut, while still remaining more lightweight than its larger counterparts. Cameo is also easy to adapt to suit your venue, so that if your performance area is an odd shape or size, we can adjust the stage to fit for you.

Cameo stages are still light enough that they can be used in primary schools, particularly if your main performers are years 5 and 6, but sturdy and professional enough that they fit in comfortably at secondary schools. The safety features found in the Debut range can be added to your Cameo stage, as well as a unique leg-lock system for added stage stability.

Cameo stages are still quick and easy to set up, and children can still be involved in doing so. Cameo can be flat packed for a compact storage option, and are easy to transport in case storage is distant from the performance area.

Final Verdict: The perfect all-rounder, Cameo is great for primary and secondary schools alike.

Performa – Medium Heavy Duty Platforms

Performa is the heavy duty version of Cameo, for schools who expect their stages to see a lot of action. As well as Cameo’s leg-lock system, Performa also comes with a double-bolt rail for easy attachment of extra features, and can support 7.5kN per square metre (that’s equivalent to about ten teenagers safely standing in each square metre of stage, though they may object to being squashed!).

The extra stability does come with a little extra weight, meaning that this stage may not be as useful for primary schools, which are less likely to need the heavy duty support of Performa. It is ideal for secondary schools which enjoy putting on a lot of exciting performances, however, especially if you plan on holding your own mini-rock concerts or adaptations of action-packed dramas. Performa is great for older children especially, and even more when they perform alongside adults.

Final Verdict: Great for older children, and especially secondary schools which teach drama or put on heavy performances.

Ovation – Large Platforms

Ovation is strong and simple, but also large. The Ovation range of stages combines larger platform sizes with fewer legs, using built in supports to maintain stability. Ovation is simple to set up and take apart, but really excels in a role where the stage doesn’t need to be moved often, especially since its heavier nature calls for more active personnel to set it up.

If you expect your stage to stay in place for long periods of time, and moved only in certain circumstances, then Ovation is ideal. Ovation will still be simple for anyone to set up and take down with minimal instruction, and can support heavy and frequent weight without any problem.

Final Verdict: If you plan on keeping your stages in place for long periods of time and only need a simple set up, Ovation is definitely the way to go.

Premier – Large Heavy Duty Platforms

Premier stages see less use among schools than they do among professional performers, due to the heavy duty nature of the stage compared to the amount of use that most schools need. Schools specialising in drama may want to look at Premier as an option, however, as it has the advantage of being a fully professional stage pack while still offering the adaptability, portability and storage solutions of a portable stage.

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