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British-Made Stages for the British Stage

We’re now well past the halfway mark of 2017, and to date it’s been a busy year – with a lot more to do! We’ve had the chance to speak to customers from all walks of life, from the professional stage through TV and photography units to churchesschools, and festivals.

We’ve been listening to your feedback – and it’s been instructive.

Stage Holders are Buying British

Our entire stagingstanding and seating ranges are British-made, with our Lancaster workshop hard at work supplying orders. The advantage this gives us is simple, and it ties to the reason that our Demo Day program is so well received; we’re here and available if needed.

What Mainstage Brings to the Table

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, but we know as lovers of the stage that the proof of the pudding is in how satisfied our customers are – and knowing that they can reach us easily to suggest adjustments, that some of the stage can be custom-built to fit the venue’s dimensions, and that we’re available on the phone at the right hours for the UK helps us deliver that satisfaction.

We want to make sure the staging solution we deliver is exactly right for your needs, and we’re always happy to discuss how to make that happen.

Many of the accessories which we offer for each stage started as a way to solve an issue a single customer was having, so whenever a new challenge comes up we’re always happy to hear about it – it might be our next big product!