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Create Dynamic Performance Areas With Confidence

Schools looking to create staging and performance areas with ease, efficiency and confidence need look no further than Topdeck CameoCameo’s new, unique LegLock system is safe and super quick. With the LegLock system you can be sure that the ergonomically designed handle provides the precise pressure every time to lock the legs into place. When you are done, simply unlock to release the legs and the platforms can easily be stacked and moved into storage.

Topdeck Cameo is the staging solution that is packed with features to quickly create a safe and easy to use platform within your spaces. You can feel confident that your performers are safe and secure with barriers formed with Topdeck’s range of guardrails. Cameo ticks all the boxes when it comes to access too. It is easy to create an inclusive performance space with extras such as access ramps and chairstop plates which provide a lipped edging around the perimeter of the stage.

Cameo offers class leading benefits for handling: manufactured with a robust alloy frame it is the the lightest staging system in its class.