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Creating Waves At Addenbrooke Hospital

Curved stages tend to be all in a day’s work at Mainstage’s Topdeck factory. However the rather innocuous one you can see in the photograph was highly unusual. Set in the soaring Atrium of the new Addenbrooke’s hospital teaching building, the Cameo stage will be used to showcase anything from formal presentations to stand-up comedy.

What was unusual about this demountable stage was that it was set against a fabulous curved wall. In order to achieve perfection, the Cameo decks had to follow the line of the plaster exactly. Much of the architectural effect of the wall is that it describes a gentle sinuous wave, emphasising the height of the atrium. However the clever hand that drew it did not use any recognised trigonometry leaving the construction of the portable Cameo platforms to be an interesting feat of cutting in.

Judge our success for yourself from the photographs.