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Custom Colour Stages

One thing we’re often asked by new customers is how they can best make a stage feel like its theirs. We take this question as seriously as any other – our customers’ questions become our new products and our new offerings. Everything is driven by you, because you need your stages to do what you want!

We’ve offered bespoke staging solutions for a long time, and we continue to do so. We also offer accessories and custom modifications in our standard staging range.

Colour Options

We’ve offered to colour the stage surface (and the surface of any steps, backdrops, etc.) to suit your venue or your corporate branding for a long time.

We’re happy to announce that, following some successful trial offerings, we can also colour the aluminium framework and steel components in the stage.

We can powder-coat the metal to any RAL colour the client requests. This allows us to closely match the metal part of the stage with its surface before it’s shipped to you, giving you exactly the appearance you want to work with.

Tailor Made for You

We know nothing is more frustrating for a theatre director than to find out that their stage doesn’t accommodate their vision. Our team’s background is in theatre, and the mission statement for Mainstage is a simple one; to be the kind of supplier that we dreamed of and could never find.

We’d love to supply you with that kind of tailored service. To get started, just get in touch today. Whether you already have a clear picture of what you want, or you want to discuss possibilities from the ground up, we’ll be happy to discuss your circumstances. We’ll help you design a package to perfectly suit your needs and get your order processed as quickly as possible, leaving you with a high-quality stage ready to go.