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Does Your Community Need a Portable Courtroom?

There’s numerous reasons why a portable courtroom solution might be needed. Perhaps there isn’t enough room to run official court proceedings in your extant location, either due to a high demand or a lack of space. It might well be that the need for an additional hearing space is so infrequent that your community would be making use of a location that otherwise has another purpose.

But how can you be sure how suitable a portable courtroom would be for your location? Can you be certain that there haven’t been any corners cut by way of security or presentation? In what ways can a portable courtroom match the standards of a static courtroom location?

Designing the Portable Courtroom

One of our first considerations when it comes to staging solutions is to find a modular means of construction that can maximise the use of space without compromising on durability. We could bring that expertise to our portable courtrooms.

The raised floor of our portable courtroom is designed with space in mind. Knowing that these courtrooms are likely to be used where space is at a premium, the design of our portable courtrooms aims to capitalise on space in a way that keeps proceedings feeling official.

These raised platforms also allow you to run cabling and air conditioning beneath the room, meaning that there’s no trailing cables and that everyone in attendance will be as comfortable as needs be.

We also considered the fact that these courtrooms are likely to be used in remote areas. That’s why we made sure that they pack down to the same standards of portability that you can expect from Mainstage products. Easy to wheel through doorways, we’ve also aimed to make set up simple.

Order in the Court

Perhaps our biggest challenge was to make sure that security was up to standard, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Whether for a hearing, a tribunal or an inquiry, the portable court room is the perfect venue.

The chairperson and the public are separated by a steel barrier that, combined with its hardwood veneers, keep things looking presentable and official without compromising on the barrier’s strength. This means that everything looks the way it should, presenting the right atmosphere for those attending court sessions, and ensures everyone is as protected as they need to be.

Mainstage’s combination of industry expertise and eye for design brings the best out of our stages, and our portable courtrooms meet our usual standards of excellence. To find out more, contact us today.