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Introducing Our New Lines

We’ve just launched our new website on an unsuspecting world of theatre and music, but we’re also launching two new lines – although one is only new to us.


The Steeldeck stage will be familiar to many reading this; a heavy duty line of staging originating elsewhere, its name has long been associated firmly with hardwearing stages, capable of supporting significant weight – a single Steeldeck platform can support two tonnes – and longevity under the heaviest punishment rock bands and dance troupes can put a stage through.

We are now offering Steeldeck stages along with our own lines and we couldn’t be happier. With single- and multi- level stage packs available as well as drum risers, tiered seating systems, and other accessories to help customers with branding, the Steeldeck line is in good hands. As long-term fans of theatre, music, and almost anything that takes place on a stage, we’re proud to carry the banner forward – and we’re keen to keep the customisability that Mainstage is known for intact!

And as you’d expect from a product that’s suitable for rock stars on the go, the Steeldeck stage is easy to dismantle, transport, and reassemble.

And for our other new line, on quite the opposite side of our product line…


The Spectator line is something we’ve developed ourselves with the audience in mind – again, from our position as keen fans of theatre and music, we spend a lot of time thinking about audience comfort as well as providing for performers!

This modular viewing system allows for a standing audience to all obtain fantastic views of any play, concert, performance, presentation, or speech, with three, four, or five tiered versions available. Easily disassembled and reassembled, this sturdy weatherproofed design is fantastic in or out of doors according to your needs, and really shines when you start to factor in our range of accessories and branding opportunities.

A Spectator stand set can easily become a part of your corporate branding, or, if you have sponsorship for your events, using Spectators for your audience allows you to easily add in the branding of your sponsors to keep eyes on what you’re promoting.

Best of all, though – the stand is non-slip, making for a worry-free experience for your audience and for yourself.