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Investment In New Powder Coating Plant Reduces The Price Of Debut

The recent discounts on Debut portable stages are down to our success in getting our new powder coating plant up and running.  Until a few months ago we were paying another company to paint the Debut frames for us. When this cost was added to the necessity of keeping a van and driver busy, continually ferrying the demountable stages backwards and forwards to our painting subcontractor it is easy to see how we have managed to pare the manufactured cost of a typical Debut demountable stage, thus enabling us to offer discounts to our customers.

The new plant is giving us much greater flexibility with everything we make. We can now offer a variety of colours on all of our products.  So whether you are considering  Bleacher demountable seating systems in blue, handrails or chair stops to go with Cameo or Topdeck in grey, or any other of the products in our portable staging and audience seating range in a special colour,  then they no longer do they have to be black.

For those who are not sure, Powder coating is the process of spraying a soft mist of polyester epoxy granules at electrostatically charged metal. The charge draws the powder both onto the surface and deep into all the nooks and crannies. The item is then baked in a large oven for 15-20 minutes at between 180 to 200 degrees centigrade.

Our powder coating plant is the latest step of our investment strategy that has the aim of being able to make products how people want them. This is our strategy for making the most of being a British manufacturer. It give us the flexibility to offer a superb service while offering Mainstage’s customers to get a warm glow because they know they are, through our apprenticeship scheme,  providing more young people with jobs by keeping  foreign imports at bay.