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Mainstage Mural – Not Just Pretty Painting

Despite appearances, making staging and seating is not as cut and dry as you might think. Different clients have vastly different needs and expectations, and anything less than complete customisability would be unfeasible.

For example, one of our most successful and exciting collaborations was with Surrey Space Centre. Working on an eco-friendly spacecraft propulsion solution, the team there needed a solution for a very specific set of circumstances. Less than a year before that we supplied Google with staging after they found us on Google!

Because we make all our products on-site in Lancaster, it could be very easy to let the offices get bogged down in steel and matte colours, but what makes Mainstage so unique is our careful understanding of clients’ requirements and our creative solutions.

We’ve been asked in the past how we maintain such out-of-the-box thinking whilst balancing a primarily production focused site and business. It’s not only that we have some really excellent members on our team – Mainstage employs the same inspired thought processes to our own day-to-day operations as we do to our client’s circumstances.

“We wanted to re-imagine the Mainstage premises as somewhere that could inspire creativity and a pleasant, relaxed work environment,” says Mainstage’s Sales Engineer Michael Varley. “We needed to make sure that we also complied with all the necessary regulations, and incorporated our branding.”

We created a wall mural in our brand colours of blue, grey, green and purple, designed to flow through the whole office and provoke ingenuity and imagination. “The mural makes the whole place more open, and gives the offices a feeling of connectedness. When everything ties in with the brand, even the building, you find yourself living and breathing the simplicity, strength and flexibility that the brand embodies.”