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New Bleacher Seating Banks

Create banks of seating in minutes with the new portable Bleacher Banks range from Mainstage.  These simple banks have been designed to provide areas of safe, robust seating in minutes.   Accommodating both children and adults, the modular units join together to effortlessly create tiered areas with flexible access points.

With no commitment to a permanent scheme your spaces remain completely flexible.   The simple, portable design will ensure that you get the most from the Bleacher Banks, moving them with ease to create gym seating for spectator sports, audience seating in the drama studio or temporary student seating enabling classrooms to take on the feel of a lecture theatre.

Designed and manufactured in Lancashire, the steel frame provides a robust base which is then finished with a durable, textured coating. Safe-Grip textured walkways provide extra traction underfoot, whilst guardrails keep audiences safe and secure.  Frames, seats and walkways are available in a choice of colours and styles to match existing furniture and fixings, or to add dimension to a plain space.   Sturdy castors on two faces allow the seating banks to be transported through a standard height door. To store simply rotate the bank, reducing its footprint, and stack.

To view our range of Bleacher seating banks, please follow this link.