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New Cable Grommets

Having cables trailing across your stage often looks untidy and, even worse, can be a dangerous trip hazard. Preventing the problem is not easy, having to sacrifice performance and placement for safety. This is why Mainstage have introduced a new product to our range: cable grommets that can be fit to any of our stages.


A grommet will allow you to leave cables underneath the stage until they need to come to the surface and then, through a hole in the stage floor, the cables can be brought to where they’re needed. This means that the stage can remain free from clutter wherever you want your electronics.

The grommet comes with alternative inserts for different scenarios too, to help you create the stage that you need. Leaving the grommet fully open will leave an 85mm diameter hole, large enough for multicore cables to pass through the stage. Using our first insert will shrink the hole so that it’s just large enough for microphone or data cable and, in case you don’t need cables at all on this occasion, the final insert fully covers it so that it’s just as solid as the rest of the stage floor.

Cable grommets are perfect if you want to use our stages for presentations with lecterns, for open mic nights or for instrumental groups in churches among many other possibilities. With Mainstage modular stage systems, the choice lies with you.