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New Member Of The Sales Team

Mainstage is very pleased to announce that we have grown our team again, with the addition of the lovely Lynnette! Lynnette will be working with our existing staff in the office in the role of Sales Support.

It’s important for us at Mainstage that the staff we hire all embody the ethos of the company. The staging we provide allows people to stand up and do something. A speech, a play, a performance; whatever it is, that person (or those people) are grabbing life by the metaphorical horns and shaking it around. Many performers are incredibly passionate about what they do, and to them having the correct equipment is a vital part of a successful event.

Therefore as a company we try to capture that inspiring lust for life, the love of performance, and the passion, shared by many of our customers, and personify the qualities in each of our staff members. Every job role can be a performance when viewed from the correct perspective, from the first tentative consultation with a client, to the disassembling of the staging after the show’s grand finale.

Flexibility is another key thing we look for when adding to the team. It’s predominantly the case that no two clients will have the exact same requirements, and our sales staff need to be able to assess what their requirements are and present a number of options. Luckily, our portable staging is completely customisable to fit any requirements – we’ve supplied staging solutions to everyone from schools to councils, space engineers to internet legends.

In the end, as the great William Shakespeare wrote in As You Like It; “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women players.”