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Portable Stages For Church & Community Events

Though first and foremost a place of worship Churches are often looking for resources to support the delivery of a variety of community and arts events including live music such as bands, choirs and concerts. Often at the centre of community based activities, churches need to be multi purpose spaces and a flexible performance platform can enhance a vibrant calendar of events.

Topdeck Debut has been designed to meet the demands of dynamic spaces. Debut is the simple solution that is packed with features to create a safe and easy to use platform for worship, concerts and all manner of events.

Debut offers class leading benefits for safety and handling, so you can feel confident that your performers are safe and secure. Customised foot inserts allow Debut bases to be stacked to create a variety of stepped, raised areas including choir tiers.

Those looking for flexible, portable raised and tiered areas will find Debut ticks all the boxes. To store simply stack the bases and tops onto a Debut Truck and wheel it away. With a footprint of approximately 1metre squared when stacked the system is ideal for those with limited storage space.

Debut has been ergonomically designed in order to be assembled with comfort and ease meaning you will enjoy using this system time after time.