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Portable Staging Solutions for Your Event

Are you here because you’re looking to put on an event? Perhaps you’ve got a school performance lined up, an exhibition, or a church event. Whatever the occasion, there’s one thing you’re going to need to make it a success – a stage!

At Mainstage Ltd, we have a wide variety of portable staging solutions that are perfect for these events. What’s more, they won’t cost you a fortune!

Let’s dive into some of our most sought-after stages that can turn your event into one attendees will remember forever.


If you’re after portable staging that’s easy to handle, lightweight, and compact to store, our debut stage may be for you. It’s available in portable modules that fit together seamlessly, giving you fantastic flexibility for storage, handling, and transportation.

Perfect for churches, schools, and community centres, our Debut system includes safe-grips, safety rails, lower step heights at 170mm, and a selection of trolleys for various capacities.

Available in 750mm x 750mm standard module sizes, and 5kN per square metre weight loading capacity, simply add a backdrop and you’ve got a stage ready to entertain!


Our Cameo portable stage is arguably the most popular of them all. In fact, it’s the lightest stage in its class. Known for its versatility and strength, the Cameo portable stage includes single-level, multi-level, and tiered configurations.

Thanks to its versatility, you can fully customise the Cameo system to fit your budget and space. It’s perfect for universities, secondary schools, conferences, hotels – the list goes on!

Available in 2m x 1m and 1m x 1xm standard platform sizes, and a weight loading capacity of 5kN per square metre, our Cameo system also boasts an innovative leg lock system – something that’s unique in the market.


Our Performa system is incredibly strong and versatile, designed for when you need that extra capacity to withstand heavy equipment. Similar to the Cameo system, the Performa has 7.5kN per square metre weight loading, perfect for holding bulky stage props like a grand piano.

Unlike other portable staging, the Performa is ideally suitable for a large scale installation. We’ve had many happy institutions use our Performa portable stage, including universities, theatres, and exhibition centres.

The Performa has the leg lock feature too, making it very simple to setup and dismantle. And like with all of the stages we hire out, the Performa is compatible with innovative storage options. There’s plenty of accessories you can hire that will enhance how you use the Performa.


Last, but certainly not list is our Ovation system. Our medium-duty modular stage works brilliantly for large scale installations. The system has big platforms that cover the ground with ease, giving you the option to span floor inconsistencies easily.

The Ovation is the most economic stage in our range. What’s more, it has fewer components, making it incredibly easy to set up and take apart.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Ovation is the most cost-effective way to span large floor spaces.

Whatever type of event you’re planning, we’ve got you covered. Any of our portable stages can elevate your occasion and bring your idea to life.