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Rock Roll Takes Its Toll

Not just on performers, but on stages as well. Think of the beating that active musicians can impose on your stage, and then consider how long it’ll last if they keep it up. If you’re frequently playing host to active music bands, then it’s worth investing in a stage that can withstand the frequent punishment it will have to endure, and that’s just what Mainstage stages are made for.


The Punishment a Stage Endures

Musicians don’t mean to be mean to a stage, most of the time anyway, but the fact is that a lot of heavy equipment and the occasional bouncing up and down can do a lot more damage than is noticeable on the surface, and a stage that isn’t designed to be treated like this won’t last long. In the worst case scenario it could even collapse under too much pressure, and you’d be lucky if no-one is hurt. Of course, that’s only worst case scenario, but definitely one worth keeping in mind.

Although a the stage deck might only see a few scuffs and scrapes, it’s really the supports underneath that are doing most of the work keeping the stage up, and it’s much harder to see how these are being mistreated. A stage is much more than a wooden board on some legs, and the placement of supports as well as the size of each piece determines how much it can endure before giving in.

The Durability of Debut

Our Debut range of stages are designed to be not just portable but also incredibly durable, able to take any sort of punishment that an ordinary rock band or musician can hand out. Understanding the engineering behind sturdiness and durability, our Debut stages are simultaneously lightweight but able to support much more weight than you might expect. Each individual piece weighs no more than 7kg, making it easy for even a child to move around, but when combined together they can be laid out in a structure that is sturdy and long lasting. Whether you need a permanent set up or something for occasional use, Debut is able to offer you durability, sturdiness and long lastingness.

Drum Risers, Stage Packs & Customisability

Our Debut stages have something to offer everyone, but musicians and their hosts might be particularly interested in features such as our drum risers, safe grip tops and total customisability to match your decor. Debut stages come in a range of different styles, but we’re always able to create a customised option to suit your venue or brand, which means you don’t just get a durable stage, but one that fits in perfectly as well. From the colour of the stage itself even down to the legs, you can select how you want your stage to look, and what additional options you need for it. Safety features include the safe grip tops, to help prevent silly slips and falls, especially useful for active musicians, but also guardrails on steps and on the sides of the stage to prevent falling.

The Debut drum risers may be the most exciting prospect for a stage that sees primarily music based use. Making use of the innate nature of Debut to be quick and easy to create custom set ups, it’s simply to create a drum riser that fits everything you need in moments, even as an addition to a previously existing stage. The drum risers are designed such that you’ll continue to get the best sound from your equipment, so no need to worry about compromising on quality for ease of use.

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