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School Seating Solutions

Any school arranging seating has several factors to consider:

  • Use Requirements
  • Flexibility
  • Budget

Let’s take a closer look at that.

Use Requirements

What does school seating have to do? It has to handle assemblies, attendance for school plays, and potentially even give parents a place to sit on sports days.

Good school seating may even need to stand up to limited outdoor use (although usually only in good weather).

It should also stand up to hard use. As any headmaster or school official reading this already knows, children will push any school equipment to their limits. Low quality seating is not an option; it must be comfortable to sit on and head wearing, no matter what.

These are all things that Mainstage is committed to delivering for schools and for other customers. We take the comfort and build quality of our products very seriously.


Whether you’re looking for large numbers of individual chairs (like our Venue range) or a tiered seating system like Bleacher, there’s no getting around it; schools have limited space.

Most schoolrooms are multi-purpose and need to be rearranged occasionally or regularly to suit those purposes. Tiered seating can’t simply be installed and left there.

Again, this is where a school’s needs and Mainstage’s design philosophy tie together so well. The Bleacher system is designed to be easily moved from one point to another, giving you the flexibility you need. Venue chairs aren’t just foldable – we offer storage and transport systems for them too!


We recognise that our school customers are always operating under tight budgets. We know it can be hard to get the quality you need at the price points you can afford.

But that’s true for all our clients, and Mainstage was founded to be the kind of company we saw a need for in these industries.

You’ll never pay inflated prices for a Mainstage product, and we will always work with you to make sure that what you buy is what you need. Being forced to buy ‘the next size up’ is money you don’t want to spend, after all.