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School Staging: One-Person Setup

Space is at a premium in schools, and the result is that most rooms serve two or more purposes. Many of them take time and effort to convert between the two. This is more of a problem because the other premium in schools is manpower.

Stages Designed for Your Needs

That’s where stages like the Debut staging system come in. Every staging system we carry – and all the accessories available for each one – are based on our experience with customers of all stripes.

We’ve had a lot of experience in designing and building stages for schools. That experience heavily influenced the Debut staging system.

It’s designed to be easy to set up and take down – and not just easy, but fast. No single piece of a Debut system weighs more than 7kg. That means setup can be done efficiently and effectively by just one person.

There’s no more need to rope other staff in to help you get your assembly hall set up for the Christmas pantomime, Harvest Festival, or any other celebration. Clearing up after the play’s been produced is designed to be just as easy.

Ease of Use & Dependability

The stage may be lightweight, but it’s also sturdy. We know the wear and tear a flock of a children can be expected to create! That’s been taken into account. There’s no sense investing in anything in a school that won’t stand up to heavy use.

If storage is tight, too, the Debut Storage Truck is there for you! It’s secure, compact, and easy to move from room to room as needed.

And did we mention that the Debut can be supplied with reduced-height steps? One of the biggest problems we found schools kept mentioning when we were first looking at the problem was that most stages on the market didn’t make any concession to your pupils’ shorter legs. We changed that!

Schools with a proud choral tradition will also love our Choral Riser pack. This provides a Debut which gives your choir the perfect chance to shine.

If you’d like to know more, or to get the ball rolling, please contact us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.