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Simple Portable Staging

Topdeck have introduced the simplest staging ever which can be set to any shape or size in minutes. Cameo which comprises of just two variable sized components – the deck and the legs, was designed to be so incredibly simple you can move the decks and build a new set of shapes almost instantaneously with no fuss, and no bother.

Schools looking to create staging and performance areas with ease and efficiency will find Cameo ticks all the boxes. Cameo legs are secured with a lever which locks them in place; something that is far quicker than having to tighten bolts, as happened with most previous systems.

Offering class leading benefits for handling, Cameo is manufactured with a robust alloy frame making it the lightest system in its class. When you are finished with your stage, simply undo the handle to release the legs and the platforms can easily be stacked, perfect for those with limited storage space, and wheeled away on a set of chunky castors.

Topdeck Cameo is the staging solution that is packed with features to quickly create a safe and easy to use platform within your spaces.