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Sports Days, Speech Days, and School Seating

We have a helpful page elsewhere on the site for schools looking to replace, upgrade, or simply buy a new stage, of course, but schools find themselves needing more than that – because schools are a place that’s often full of spectators.

As the Easter holidays roll by, it’s time to think about the upcoming summer term – and, with it, the festivities that always come toward the end. When is your school’s sports day scheduled for? Whether parents will be invited or not, these events always involve small groups at a time, with others sitting around watching the games and waiting for their chance to compete.

For occasions like these, our Spectator terraced standing range, as well as the Track and Field and MUGA variants of our Bleacher seating system, are a perfect fit. All three are designed to be easy to store, transport, set up, and multiple packs can be reconfigured into different layouts according to the needs of the current event.

While the Bleacher systems will also work well for a traditional speech day (held outdoors or in), the Spectator has the advantage at a different traditional school summer term event – the school photo day.

It’s rare to find a UK school which doesn’t arrange for everyone to be photographed at once, usually using a terraced standing system to make sure everybody can be seen across the ranks – and these photographs take place outside, weather permitting.

Having a robust, resilient system that’s easy to set up and to store can be very useful for both occasions – and it becomes part of your school’s overall presentation.

If you’ve recently seen your class sizes grow, you may need to review your standing system even if you had a great system already in place – do you still have capacity? We can discuss additional packs to cater to existing Mainstage systems and other solutions if needed.

Get in touch today to discuss your needs before the summer term begins.