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Spring Outdoor Staging

Don’t let the recent weather fool you – spring is almost here, and over the months to come outdoor events will be more and more frequent.

For many organisations, business and otherwise, this is the time of year when they take their stage out of storage in preparation for a busy spring and summer of outdoor events. And for many, this is the time of year when they realise that stage either has deteriorated beyond safe use or no longer fits their needs.

Still other groups will hear groans as the teams working with the stages remember the trouble they had last year with setup, takedown, and transport.

The Mainstage Solution

Those last groups, we can promise, don’t use Mainstage’s stage line. We pride ourselves on products which are easy to handle, easy to transport, easy to store and easy to set up. Their robust construction also means they’re much less likely to have deteriorated over months in storage.

Not only that, but we can apply weatherproofing finishes as standard and non-slip treatments and accessories are available – meaning that even if your scheduled event and the weather have a disagreement, there’s no risk of damage to the stage and no increased risk of injury or accident.

Is it time to replace your outdoor staging? Don’t risk substandard equipment if you can avoid it – make Mainstage your first port of call.

Contact us to discuss what staging and what accessories you need. We’re always happy to help our customers weigh up their options and pick out the best selection. It’s important to us that every customer receives a product that delivers what they want, with the size they need and the sturdy resilience to keep them safe as they work.