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Stable Camera Platforms: The Mainstage Solution

With the rise of internet based broadcasting, both live and recorded, there’s been a developing market for better camera solutions to film items of all kinds – and TV production companies are just as keen to improve their product.

One of the big questions is always stability. While Steadicams have their place, they’re still not the best solution to long, static filming installations – and even when you need the camera to move, they may not be the best option.

Simple, Hardwearing, Flexible

As an alternative – and one that can get the elevated positions you may need for filming, too – we recommend a Mainstage platform.

Stage platforms from the Cameo or Ovation lines are robust enough for camera operator and camera equipment, easy to set up and take down, and thanks to Mainstage’s unique and proprietary Leg Lock system provide total stability – giving perfect shot stability and quality every time.

Both Cameo and Ovation platforms can even be outfitted with wheel systems, making the platform a stable mobile base for shots that require fluid motion, too.

A Clear Plan

We’ve discussed how stages can be used to help with film and television production before – but just as many people don’t give enough thought to seating and standing systems, many don’t think enough about making the cameraman’s job easier.

We’d like to help you change that, so to discuss how to get a more effective, clearer and more stable shot every time, don’t hesitate to contact us.