Festival stages and outdoor events

Mainstage have been creating stages for outdoor events and festivals for as long as we have been creating stages at all. Our stage design philosophy is perfectly aligned with what our festival clients need from their outdoor stages, so it’s no surprise that they can be counted among some of our most popular returning clients. Over time, our outdoor stages have only become better, and it’s thanks to our design philosophy that they continue to remain a great option for festivals and other outdoor events.


If you request a stage for outdoor use, we make sure that it can survive in an outdoor environment. We have a number of weatherproofing techniques that make our stages safer to use in wet environments, and less likely to be damaged by the elements, making them a much longer term solution than you might first think. Designed to be useable in any kind of weather, our stages can resist heat and sunshine just as well as they resist the cold and damp, so you won’t find that the perfect weather turns out to be not so perfect after all.

Lightweight and Portable

There’s nothing like lugging a huge, heavy stage deck across a wet and muddy field in preparation for an upcoming festival, but that’s not to say it’s enjoyable. Mainstage create stages that are lightweight and easy to carry, so you don’t exhaust yourself carrying them around, and setting up becomes a thing of ease. This means they’re easy to bring to and from storage, easy to put in the right position, and easy for everyone to set up, with our heaviest options still only requiring two or three people to move at most.

Being lightweight doesn’t stop our stages from being incredibly sturdy, however. The size of stage and set-up of the legs is designed to allow our stages to carry significant amounts of weight without feeling undue stress, so that you not only have a lightweight stage, but one that can carry a lot of weight itself. Ideal for bands with a lot of heavy instruments, or plays with a large cast.

Easy to Set-Up, Easy to Store

Sometimes it’s important to get a stage set up quickly and with as little fuss as possible. It’s always ideal to do so anyway. Mainstage have designed our stages to be easy to set up in all weather conditions, quick and customisable every time. The lightweight design helps you get them from storage to where they need to be quickly, and the Mainstage leglock system, combined with leg and deck connectors, mean that the final piece is stable and secure. The add-on components are all easily interchangeable, so you can use what you need when you need it, and keep it in storage otherwise.

Mainstage decks are designed to be temporary most of the time, so they are also designed to flatpack when in storage, taking up as little space as possible. When you’re finished with them, it’s a simple task to take them apart and put them away compactly.

Designed for Your Needs

Everyone’s needs are different, and though we have a range of designs that are made to suit as many people as possible, we’re always willing to try out a new design to solve your specific problem. If you find that none of our existing stage solutions work for you, then get in touch and we’ll help design a new stage, whether that means a change of colour or shape, or something new entirely.