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Summer Is Coming & Festival Season Is Upon Us

With the weather getting brighter and the sun staying in the sky for longer festival season is most definitely upon us. Here at Mainstage we have an extensive range of stages that can take care of all your festival needs.

If you are looking to house lighting rigs, sound systems, bass bins and even concert size grand pianos then our Premier range is the solution for you.

Built to withstand loads in excess of 7.5 KN/ M² you can be sure that whatever you put on top of a Premier deck it’ll be safe and secure.  The Mainstage unique leg lock system allows for speedy and simple construction.


For a more modest gathering the choice would be Cameo, the bestselling stage in our range. Designed to easily take loads of more than 5 KN/ M² in addition to its own self weight its more than happy to accommodate a cast of thousands. Available in a range of finishes, heights and sizes flexibility really is the key with Cameo. Also benefiting from the Mainstage leg lock system also allows fast erection.


If our requirement is a little more humble such as a school fate or a presentation stand at a sports day Debut is the option for you.


With no piece weighing more than 7kg Debut is the choice for those who don’t want to strain during set up. With a number of storage options available we can make the most of the space you have. Light, simple to set up and available in vibrant colours it couldn’t be easier.

Contact Mainstage if you have a question relating to one of our stages, we’re on hand and happy to help.

T: 01524 844 099