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Summer Outdoor Seating

It feels a lot like summer is here to stay, here at Mainstage HQ. Beautiful weather is lifting the team’s spirits, but that same beautiful weather is keeping us from being outside enjoying it too much – as orders continue to come in for outdoor seating.

This summer gives people with all interests a golden opportunity to get out and about. Outdoor events are on the rise, and in a wide range of styles.

Outdoor Event Audience Seating

We’ve heard from clients needing audience seating this year for:

  • Sports venues upgrading or replacing their old seating
  • Concert ground organisers
  • Festival organisers
  • “Plays in the Park” producers
  • Charity events
  • Public speakers
  • Dance troupes
  • Wedding planners
  • And many more!

With all indications pointing toward a long, hot summer, 2018 has inspired many to arrange events in parks, public spaces, and gardens across the country. Everything from the village fete to an open-air orchestra are happening – and most of them need space for an audience to sit and watch at least some of the show.

Seating that Stands Out

Mainstage Ltd manufacture and sell outdoor seating systems which are easy to store, transport, and set up. They’re also easy to combine according to the venue – if you’re not sure of the best way to combine two or more Bleachers for your venue, please contact us. We’re always happy to provide advice!

Our team all have stage backgrounds and we build the stages and seating we would want to use. That’s one of the keys to our success, but the other is our customers. When you come to us with a  problem, we see an opportunity, and all the accessories for the Bleacher range come from questions we’ve been asked by customers.

We know how, when your seating is almost perfect, the little things stand out clearly and frustratingly. We will always work to go that extra level and make sure you have exactly what you need.

We can also customise your Bleacher to your brand colours.