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The Latest Outdoor Bleacher Goes Up In The World

A new outdoor version of Topdeck Bleacher has been developed to sit on the roof of Burton Road Primary School in Barnsley. Designed to create tiered seating for an outdoor teaching space, this new outdoor portable Bleacher is built to withstand the rigours of South Yorkshire weather, as well as 300 primary school children with footballs that can get where castor oil will not reach. The brainchild of Brian Henshall, Mainstage’s Sales Director, everything has been weather proofed. The metalwork has been both galvanised as well as powder coated in our new powder coating plant.  The seats and walkways have been constructed using a fire retardant composite boarding. As a final touch, all the screws and fasteners are stainless steel.

Topdeck Bleacher was originally intended to be a portable tiered seating system for studio theatres. However, Bleachers demountable capabilities have been latched onto by many architects and Furniture Fixture and Equipment companies around the world, searching for quick to install sports seating to sit at the sides of playing fields and courts. Burton Road Primary is yet another example of Bleachers versatility.