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The Versatility of Debut Stages

Our Debut range is great for re-usable, incredibly customisable stages, especially for smaller groups. The small, lightweight design, measuring at 750mm per piece, makes them easy to transport and arrange, even for a single person! They also stack incredibly well, so you can take apart a large stage and store it almost anywhere with a limited amount of space available.

The stage pieces can be set up in a huge variety of ways, with accessories that make stability and creative design go hand in hand. Tops can be applied to legs of different heights, 170mm – 510mm, to create a tiered effect, allowing you to shape stages for scenic purposes and create tiered seating or flat stage arrangements. If you are looking to accommodate a choir this is a great way to layer your singers for maximum effect. Bases can stack on top of each other to create even taller platforms, so the there really is no limit to the amount of creativity you have.


Tops can be removed and switched between bases, so if you’re not going to be using everything all at once, you don’t have to buy separate tops for different performances. Components are sold to link adjacent pieces together, increasing your stage’s stability and reducing the chance of pieces sliding apart during vigorous performances. Safety rails are available to keep performers safe while on stage, and chair stops are designed to prevent seats from sliding off the back of a stage when used for audiences. Steps and handrails can also be purchased to make ascending to the stage much easier.

The stage tops themselves come in a variety of safe grip finishes, including dove, chocolate, lacquered and carpeted, providing better traction and, when using a chocolate finish, reduced stage reflection and noticeability. When combined with matt-black stage legs and caps, a stage can be almost invisible in a darkened black-box style theatre room. Bases can also come in a silver-grey finish, and caps can be tangerine or black coloured depending on your preference.

Debut stages are particularly good for primary schools, with a range of safety concerns minimalized, steps designed for smaller treads and incredibly lightweight materials making them easier for younger people to assist with lifting.