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Which portable stage is the best option for my event?

If you’re an event planner preparing for a large, or small, event, don’t overlook the importance of selecting the right portable stage for the job. Whether a small school play, a huge outdoor festival, a church service or a concert, the right stage can create a significant impact and help your event run smoothly. Here, we’ve created a guide to picking the right portable stage for your preferences.

Debut – Lightweight Modular Stages

Limited set up time and only a few hands on deck? The Debut stage could be your go-to choice. It’s lightweight, compact, easy to store and easy to handle. This high-quality option offers a modular design that can be configured in many different ways to suit your space, and it’s quick and easy to set up for hassle-free and effortless event management.

Cameo – Medium Duty Portable Staging

The cameo is the perfect all-rounder – highly durable and portable, it’s the lightest stage in its class and a popular option for many different types of events. School functions, concerts and community events will benefit from the adaptability of the Cameo, which combines performance with convenience.

The Performa – Heavy Duty Stage Platforms

Planning a larger event, concert or festival? The Performa can handle heavy loads with its robust and heavy-duty design. You’ll be assured of safety and stability throughout your event, so you can concentrate on the performance at hand. If equipment and performers demand a sturdy and strong platform, the Performa could be the right option for you.

Ovation – Large Platforms

If you’re in need of something a little larger-scale, the Ovation stands out as a medium-duty modular portable stage that’s ideal for larger installations. It offers large platforms that can cover a substantial area, striking the perfect balance between scale and strength – an ideal option for those events that demand a visually impressive, grander stage presence.

Audience Seating Options

Don’t forget to consider your audience seating options. Track and Field Bleacher Seating will help your audience keep up with the action at any sport or stadium event. Arena bleacher seating, tiered seating banks, loose audience seating and spectator terraces are also designed to complement your portable stage – ensuring your audience can enjoy the main event in comfort and with the best view possible.

Accessories and Bespoke Stages

If you’re running a niche event, or perhaps planning to host one in a unique type of venue, bespoke portable stage options are available to tailor your seating and stage to your requirements.

Crowd barriers for concerts and customisable seating arrangements are also something you may need to consider to create a truly memorable event.