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Would Your Function Benefit from Tiered Seating?

Mainstage don’t just provide solutions for stages. We offer a range of seating options, among them tiered seating. We have a look at the advantages of this seating method.

Tiered seating systems see seating rows set at increasing height the further back they go, much like you would see in a concert hall, theatre or cinema. While these tend to be fixed, it’s possible to achieve the same effect with a tiered ‘bleacher‘ seating system, or by using tiered platforms with ordinary portable seating to create an adaptable solution. For this, we recommend our Cameo staging system.

The Advantages of Tiered Seating

The advantage for the audience is that their sightline is elevated above anyone sitting in front of them, creating a clearer line of sight on the stage itself. This means that tiered seating is ideal for audiences that are going to be sitting in rows.

Having a portable tiered platform solution for your seating is fantastic for locations whose rooms have multiple purposes, such as function rooms, community centres and sports halls. Platforms can be easily put together and taken apart as needed – you can see for yourself how easy this is to do. The tiers of the stage pack down as flat, ideal for storage.

The chairs are lightweight, as is the Cameo, and everything packs down to a reasonable size. The system’s portability can be increased with the addition of a storage trolley. What’s more, the system is entirely modular, meaning you can shape your seats around the limitations of the room and the dimensions of the stage regardless of the size of your audience.

Safe, Accessible, Bespoke

The Cameo can be supplied with accessories to improve safety and accessibility. Cameo units can stay sturdy to remarkable heights and weights, and the chairs are affixed with kick boards and chair stops that means that they won’t the edge. We also provide DDA compliant ramps for wheelchair access, and the steps can be set to lower increments to maximise accessibility.

We can work with you to create a system with the right capacity, ensuring that you’re getting the right solution for your venue’s dimensions.

The Advantages of Tiered Seating

If you would like to make an enquiry, or have any further questions, then please get in touch with us at 01524 844 099. Our team will be happy to field your inquiries and help you figure out if the Cameo or another seating solution will be best for your needs.