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Marquees, Centre Stage

With summer well and truly upon us now, plans are afoot across the country. Music festivals, school sports days, village fetes, covered markets, charity galas, summer weddings and many other major gatherings are being organised to fill our days and fill our fields – and every event organiser has to answer the question ‘what can we do to protect against rain?’ The usual answer is to bring in one or more marquees, and the sight of these is common across the UK in the summer months through into early autumn – even setting aside the regular use they receive from circuses. Staging Inside? For almost all marquee uses, having audience seating inside and/or staging solutions are called for. We often see comments from wedding organisers that having a stage or even just a riser to place the happy couple in clearer sight of attendees adds something special and makes for better photographs, giving everyone a better set of memories of the day. To make this work, you need a staging solution that can fit within and work with the style of your marquee – and that’s where Mainstage Ltd come in. A number of our staging systems fit well within the constraints of marquees, allowing everyone the headroom they need while also providing a stable, secure platform which everyone can see. Which solution is right for you? That’s going to vary according to the size of your marquee, what you’re using it for, and the likely number of attendees – but we’ll be happy to help you sort it out. We’ve plenty of experience matching stage to requirements, after all. You can contact us through our form, at, or on the phone via 01524 844099. We’re looking forward to matching you to the perfect staging solution.