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Spectator in the Spotlight

“Nice stage… but what about the audience?”

It’s a surprisingly common question in theatre design. Whatever the reason, the question of what to do with an audience is one that many designers leave to the last minute, and in outdoor cases, may never be thought of at all.
The Spectator terraced standing system was developed to allow an easy answer to this question.

Available in 3, 4, and 5 tiered options, Spectator units can accommodate a significant number of people in a reasonably confined space, and can do so without leaving your audience feeling cramped and uncomfortable.

The system is designed to work equally well indoors and out, and it’s proven very popular with people arranging outdoor music festivals and plays as well as playing a role in MUGA (Multi Use Games Arena) audience comfort.

Spectator units are easy to move, store, and reassemble, allowing for a great deal of flexibility in how they’re used, as well as making them ideal for company or school photographs, depending on your need, as well as holding your audience comfortably for plays, concerts, and conference speakers.

The range also has a wide selection of accessories available with options for to customise with trade dress. This in particular makes the system fantastic for businesses hosting conferences or other major events, as well as for any venue which has sponsors.

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